How to Host Your Godaddy Domain on Blogger? #10 Simple Steps

If you want to setup/hot your Custom Domain on Blogger but don’t know the steps how to do it, then this article will help you to Host your Godaddy Domain on Blogger. If you purchase the domain through the Blogger then all the process will be completed automatically but if you are buying domain from sites like, then you have to configure it manually. Here I will write all the important steps to host your custom domain on Blogger.

how to host domain on blogger

How to Host Your Godaddy Domain on Blogger?

#Step 1

Go to and Log in with your Account.

#Step 2

Click on New Blog (if you don’t have one), Give Title, Address, Select Template and Click on Create Blog.

#Step 3

Now Open you newly created blog and click on the Settings option in left hand side and then click on “Add Custom Domain”.

#Step 4

Now enter you domain like ””. You have to fill domain name with “www” and then click on Save Option.

#Step 5

Now you will see things like this

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32.

On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs:

Name, Label or Host field

Destination, Target or Points To field



#Step 6

Login to your Account and Click on My Account and Manage your Domain. Then Click on Your Custom Domain you want to Host on Blogger.

#Step 7

Now you will see 3 options Settings, DNS File Zone and Contact. Click on DNZ Zone File and then click on Edit.

#Step 8

Now you have to edit CNAME. Columbus Day 2014

1) In the “www” tab you have to replace “@’ with “”

2) After it, click on “Quick Add” and in “Host” you have to fill Host Name. For this open the Blogger settings panel in your browser and then copy the name written below “www” and paste in the CNAME by opening DNS Manager Tab in your browser.

Now copy Destination, Target or Points To field from Blogger tab and Paste in DNS Manage Tab in front of Name field and Click on Save Zone File.

#Step 9

Now in your from Settings Option in Domain Details, click on Manage Option in Forwarding then Add Forwarding. in this , you have to add your Custom Domain Name like this “” and then click on Add and then Save. Now to domain has been forwarded successfully. Independence Day India 2014

#Step 10

Go to Blogger Setting Panel and after this, click on Settings Instruction LinkĀ  and it will direct you to this page. On this page, click on On a Top Level Domain Option. In the 9th option you will see some IP’s. Copy these IP’s one by one and paste them in DNS File Zone Editor——> A Host.

Click on Quick add and in the host filed, put “@” symbol and in Points to paste the first IP. Repeat the procedure again to add all the four IP’s and then Save it.

AND IT’S DONE!!! Congratulations you have successfully hosted your custom domain on Blogger. If you facing any issue regarding this, then leave a comment below. :)

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